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December 2017
How To Put The "Merry" In Your Merry Christmas
Gratefulness Can Affect Your Bottom Line
Identity Theft Risk Management and Cyber-Security: Connecting The Dots
November 2017
7 Reasons To Buy Vs. 7 Reasons To Rent
October 2017
Penn News for October 2017
Top 10 List of Credit Don'ts
August 2017
How To Establish Credit For The First Time?
Let's read! Children's Literature & Economics - Free Lessons
Putting The Brakes On Impulse Buying
July 2017
FTC News for July
CMS Enters the 21st Century - Medicare Cards Will No Longer Show Social Security Numbers - In A Year or Two
What's Being Removed From My Credit Report?
June 2017
Ask Mr G's "Determining Wants From Needs - Five Need-Producing Attitudes
ICFE Certified Master Consumer Credit Care Specialist™ awarded to Jeffrey Major, Market Manager with Pioneer Services-Mid County Bank in Colorado Springs, CO
Identity Theft Risk Management and Cyber-Security: Connecting the Dots
ICFE Certified Master Consumer Credit Care Specialist™ awarded to Kathleen Caffarelli of ID Watchdog in Denver, CO
May 2017
My Three Most Important Financial Tips For Graduates
Federal Trade Commission Blog: "Most ID theft victims don't need a police report"
FTC News for April/May
Ask Mr G's "10 Tips For Dumping Debt"
April 2017
2017 FINRA Investor Education Foundation Military Spouse Fellowship
Identity Theft Services Offer Some Benefits...
Ask Mr G's "How Credit Savvy Are You?
March 2017
FTC News for March
Ask Mr G's "10 Things You Should Know About Debt Settlement"
America Saves "Take The Pledge"
How do we get teens to care about their financial future?
February 2017
America/Military Saves Week
Penn News for February 2017
Ask Mr G's "Rent-to-Own: A Good Idea?"
Data breaches in 2016 hit an all-time record high
January 2017
Identity Theft Risk Management - A Perspective for 2017
Penn News for January 2017
Ask Mr G's "You Are Here"
CFPB releases report on student loan debt owed by older consumers
December 2016
Cybersecurity Risk Management: New Opportunities for Professional Employment
Penn News for December 2016
Ask Mr G's "Christmas Investments That Generate Interest"
December is National Identity Theft Prevention and Awareness Month
Ransomware and Terrorism
November 2016
Ask Mr G's "Giving and Receiving"
Kiplinger Updates Financial Field Manual for U.S. Servicemen and Women and their Families
As part of joint initiative with the CFPB, FTC launches updated, mobile-friendly Military Consumer website
Is it time for a national data breach notification law? Part 2
FTC News for November 2016
October 2016
Does Accessibility Equal Affordability?Voter Registration Fraud and Identity Theft
September 2016
FTC News for September 2016
What Smart People Know About Credit Cards
7 Things You Should Know Before Driving For Uber
Using The Internet of Things (IoT) or Privacy: A Tough Choice
August 2016
FTC News for August
Over Half of US Taxpayers Fear ID Theft Loss
Eligibility Expands for CCCCS™ Program
Is it time for a national data breach notification law?
Student Debt and False Accreditation
Ask Mr. G's The Top 10 Credit Report Myths Debunked
July 2016
FTC News for July
Yan Ross, ICFE Director of Special Projects, to Teach New Course on Identity Theft: Challenge and Response for Consumers
Ransomware and Recent Variants
Medical Records Bring a Premium Price on the Dark Web
Take Action Against Credit Card Skimmers
June 2016
FTC News for June
Brookings Institution Study: Healthcare Single Most Prevalent Area for Data Breaches
If I Don't Have It, Neither Should You!
May 2016
FTC News for May
Don't be caught short when identity theft hits you
ICFE Announces the Certified Master Consumer Credit Care Specialist (CCCCS™) Course
CFPB Monitor - CFPB announces consent orders with debt collection law firm, two law firm partners, debt buyer
April 2016
Are you covered for data breaches?
FTC News for April
Ask Mr G's "Ready For A Change"
March 2016
April is National Financial Literacy Month
CFPB issues 2016 FDCPA report
CFPB issues fourth annual report on servicemember complaints
International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) accepts ICFE's Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist CITRMS® XV for CPEs on their Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM) and the Certified Information Privacy Technologist (CIPT) designations.
Ask Mr G's "Credit Card Debt & Home Equity Loans"
February 2016
"The Six M's of Money" explained at Celebrating Women and Wealth Workshop
January 2016
Ask Mr G's "How To Avoid An Affluenza Epidemic"
Did you overspend on Christmas and the Holidays?
December 2015
20 Ways To Spend Less on Groceries For Holidays from the ICFE
November 2015
New Credit Repair Training Certification Certified Credit Repair Specialist
FTC News for November
October 2015
FTC News for October
Ask Mr G's Credit The Great Illusion
September 2015
FTC News for September
Transitioning to CITRMS XV
Ask Mr G's Wants vs. Needs Part 2
August 2015
FTC News for August
Ask Mr G's Wants vs Needs
July 2015
FTC News for July
Public Inquiry Into Student Loan Servicing Practices
June 2015
FTC Newsletter for June 2015
Is Your Company's Mobile App Putting Your Customers At Risk For Fraud? New Forms Of Malware Make Bank And Retail Apps Vulnerable, Says Cyber Security Expert
Your vacation should leave you with life-time memories, not long-term debt
Bogus credit card alerts
A Teachable Moment: Younger Workers and Social Security
CITRMS 10th Anniversary
ICFE Introduces New Certification CCSS
May 2015
Beware! You Don't Have to Pay for Help with Your Student Loans
"What Is Your Money Mind? Is it Accumulation or Consumption?" How to Develop the Big Picture of your Financial Life
April 2015
Crackdown On Deceptive Car Dealers
ICFE Introduces New Certification CCSS
Money Smart Week Twitter Chat
April is Financial Literacy Month
March 2015
FTC Monthly Newsletter for March
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's Consumer Advisory Board discusses credit scores and medical debt
FINRA Foundation Research Reveals Fraud Victims Vulnerable to Severe Stress, Anxiety and Depression
February 2015
Ask Mr G's Getting Control Of Our Finances - As Easy As Pie!
FTC Monthly Newsletter
January 2015
Ask Mr. G's Seven Considerations For Maintaining An Emergency Savings Account
Personal Health and Finance Quiz Can Guide New Year's Resolutions
ESET Researchers Release 2015 Cybercrime Predictions and Trends
CyberSecurity 2014: Lessons Learned
December 2011
News from the Federal Trade Commission - December 2011
Ask Mr. G says Giving and Receiving - It's An Attitude
November 2011
New Credit Card Sleeves!
News from the Federal Trade Commission - November 2011
October 2011
News from the Federal Trade Commission - October 2011
September 2011
Cash, Not Credit
News from the Federal Trade Commission - September 2011
Ask Mr. G says S.O.S. Your Debt
July 2011
Credit Score Disclosure Rule
FTC News for July 2011
Debt relief for college students -
June 2011
10 Money-Saving Vacation Tips
FTC News for June 2011
Six trends changing the way consumers spend
May 2011
Tips for Protecting Your Identity
News from the Federal Trade Commission
CCRR Course Updated
April 2011
CCRR Refresher Course
Extreme Couponing
Seven Habits of Highly Unsuccessful Spenders
Financial Literacy Month and MMI
March 2011
News from the Federal Trade Commission - March 2011
2011 National Financial Capability Challenge
Free Training for Military Spouses
Half Off CHECMS Certifications! survey and results
6 Ways That Being Too Cheap Can Leave You Broke!
February 2011
2011 National Financial Capability Challenge Educator Toolkit Now Available
America Saves Week and Military Saves Week begins February 20th through 27th 2011
News from the Federal Trade Commission - February 2011
New Federal Reserve Board Web Sites
January 2011
FTC Monthly Newsletter
ICFE Introduces New Certification - Certified SmartEquity™ Specialist
RUTGERS Cooperative Extension issues Health and Wealth Challenge for 2011
Six Popular Credit Score Myths from the Ask Mr G. Financial Library
December 2010
The "Beyond Driving with Dignity" Program
Ask Mr. G's Christmas Spending Tips
The Gift Of Education
November 2010
Money In Motion: ICFE Announces 2 New Courses
FDIC and NCUA Chairs Join Education Secretary to Announce Partnership to Promote Financial Education and Savings Programs
Launch of National Financial Capability Challenge for 2010-11 School Year
October 2010
FINRA Investor Education Foundation survey released, measures the overall financial capabilities of U.S. military personnel
2010 MBAA National Conference
Small Steps to Health and Wealth™ Online Challenge Begins October 3
Jump$tart announces National Educator Conference
September 2010
Medical Billing Advocacy's growing importance in the news
FTC News for the Consumer Sep 2010
September is National Coupon Month
August 2010
New Website for Kids -
FTC News for the Consumer for August
FTC Issues Final Rule to Protect Consumers in Credit Card Debt
July 2010
FTC News for the Consumer for July
June 2010
Certifications Demonstrating High Financial Literacy Skills Enhance Your Value to an Employer
New ICFE CURE™ training course on retirement scoring has no equal
FTC News for the Consumer for June
May 2010
FTC News for the Consumer for May
How To Remain Stable In An Unstable Economy
NEW CURE Certification from ICFE accepted for CEs
National Financial Capability Challenge Results from 76,000 Students in all 50 States
April 2010
Financial Literacy and Education Commission Launches New MyMoney Web Site
"Fight Medical Billing Errors" an ABC News Video
New for 2010 - Personal Finance Course Is Now Accepted for 20 CE's from AFCPE
The Financial Aptitude Test
March 2010
ICFE's Certified Credit Report Reviewer Course and Exam Expanded
What you need to know: New Overdraft Rules for Debit and ATM cards
FOR THE CONSUMER - The FTC's monthly newsletter for the Congressional community. It's the news you - and your constituents - can use.
February 2010
ICFE Announces New Course for 2010 Medical Billing Advocacy Home Study Course. Accepted for 15 CEs by the AFCPE, CFP Board, PACE
U.S. Departments of Treasury and Education Update
ICFE Announces New Course Medical Billing Advocacy Home Study Course
The FTC's January Newsletter for Congress
January 2010
The Federal Reserve's new rules for credit card companies mean new credit card protections for you
The FTC's January Newsletter for Congress
FINRA Foundation Releases Inaugural Financial Capability Survey
New Homebuyer's Tax Credit Extends to HECM For Purchase Program
Get Control of Your Finances in 2010: It's As Easy As Pie!
December 2009
Another ICFE Webinar - CE accepted
Webinar Series from ICFE
November 2009
Christmas Giving That Gives In Economic Hard Times
Thanksgiving and Financial Health In The Midst of Economic Hard Times
FTC Extends Enforcement Deadline for Identity Theft Red Flags Rule to June 2010
The FTC's Monthly Newsletter for Congress
October 2009
Elder Care Victimization: When Trusted Individuals Become Trust Violators: One CE Webinar
The Maze of Hidden Money for Divorcing Spouses: One CE Webinar
September 2009
Credit Card Certification Course For Young People Ages 21 And Under Called "Credit When Credit Is Due" Recognized Nationwide - Course Is Now Online
July 2009
Red Flags Rule Enforcement Deadline Extended by the FTC
ICFE Updates Home Certified Equity Mortgage Conversion Specialist Course CHECMS™ is Recommended by the NRMEC and Accepted for 15 CE's
Credit When Credit Is Due Program Goes Online - Course Accepted for 12 CEs
Identity Theft Trends and Issues: FTC Report for Congress
June 2009
Identity Theft Trends and Issues - CRS Report for Congress
New Protections for Tenants on Foreclosed Properties
April 2009
The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Better Business Bureau (BBB) created the Identity Theft Prevention and Identity Management Standards Panel (IDSP)
New FTC Web Site Helps Consumers Cope With Tough Economic Times Provides Advice on Debt, Employment, and Avoiding Scams
March 2009
Treasury Announces Results of High School November 2008 Financial Literacy Challenge
Attention: ICFE Certified Credit Report Reviewers Credit Cards Are the Next Credit Crunch
People no longer hearing spend, spend, spend when their money talks. Now it's save, save, save
February 2009
Professional Designations: Marketing Value with Senior Adults by LynLink, NHRMEC
Nearly Half of U.S. Servicemembers Confident About Retirement, 22 Percent Unaware of Thrift Savings Plan, New FINRA Foundation Survey Shows
AFCPE Accepts 12 CE's for Credit When Credit Is Due (CEs re-instated after two years)
January 2009
Credit Report Review a Critical Element in Economic Recovery - ICFE Launches Online Delivery of Credit Report Review Course
December 2008
New Credit Card Rules for July 2010
21 Tips for Wiser Christmas Holiday Spending
November 2008
Credit Card Holders Beware: Because Universal Default is Now in Stealth Mode
New FTC Web site for Young People
October 2008
America's High School Students Are Invited to Take the Challenge!
Free Educause Webcast on Identity Theft Rules WHEN: Wednesday, October 22, 2 -3 p.m. EDT
September 2008
ICFE introduces new Certified Home Equity Mortgage Conversion Specialist CHECMS™ program - Accepted for 15 CEs a/k/a Certified Reverse Mortgage Specialist Advisor
August 2008
Important Reminder from the ICFE Consumers must sign up before September 24th, 2008 to be eligible for benefits
National Financial Literacy Challenge November 3rd thru 26th, 2008
If you had a credit card, loan or credit account, you could get benefits from a class action settlement
July 2008
2008 Benchmark ICFE Study: What Features, Services and Security Identity Theft Protection Services are Offering Today
Ten Perspectives That Will Sink Your Financial Ship
FTC Business Alerts
FTC Will Study Experiences of Identity Theft Victims
June 2008
New for 2008 - College Accredited Personal Finance Course Earns Three Credits
$1.2 Billion in Tax Relief for Service Members and Veterans
May 2008
Spending Smarter for Grocery and Household Items How to lessen the impact of rapidly rising food prices
National Financial Literacy Challenge: Attn: ALL Financial Educators
April 2008
Essential Knowledge becomes new Corporate Sponsor of the ICFE.
Organizations promote mutual efforts in furthering financial literacy education
ANSI-BBB Identity Theft Prevention and Identity Management Standards Panel Newsletter
January 2008
Ach Mei Zeit! I really overspent on Christmas, now what?
December 2007
Ask Mr. G's TOP 10 LIST FOR CHRISTMAS "Things To Remember"
November 2007
FTC Releases Survey of Identity Theft in the U.S. Study Shows 8.3 Million Victims in 2005
Don't Let Identity Thieves Enjoy a Holiday Shopping Spree on You
Spending Smarts For All Ages: Stats Show Young Adults Embracing Coupon Usage
October 2007
Now, Everyone Can Freeze Their Credit Files Credit Freezes Can Also Help Rein in Credit Based Spending
August 2007
Sites Offering 'Free' Credit Reports: Worth Consumer Consideration? Review of 24 Sites Shows Potential for Confusion and Unnecessary Expenses
July 2007
Piggybacking credit may be short-lived thanks to MyFICO
ICFE's Certified Credit Report Reviewer Course Expanded
Delinquent Mortgage Borrowers Urged to Contact Lenders
Dealing with Lay-offs, Downsizing, and Unemployment
June 2007
ICFE Celebrates its 25th AnniversaryFounded in May 1982 by Loren Dunton (1918-1997) Dedicates 25th Anniversary Year to Marta Benko Dunton!
May 2007
ICFE Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist, Johnny May Teaches First Ever College Level IdentityTheft Prevention Courses at Michigan Colleges!
ICFE Celebrates it's 25th Anniversary!
US Air Force Enrolls 200 in ICFE Certification Programs
April 2007
Treasury Releases "Choose to Save" Television Commercial during National Financial Literacy Month
The President's Identity Theft Task Force Releases Comprehensive Strategic Plan to Combat Identity Theft
March 2007
CCRR (and CITRMS) Credential Sets the Standard
ANSI-BBB Identity Theft Prevention and Identity Management Standards Panel Newsletter
February 2007 (a/k/a Experian Consumer Direct) Settles FTC Charges FTC Alleges Ads For "Free" Credit Report Violate Federal Court Order
Fraudulent Telephone Tax Refunds, Abusive Roth IRAs Top Off 2007 "Dirty Dozen" Tax Scams
January 2007
Income Tax Refund Loans Are Very Costly
December 2006
Calling all CPA's - The ICFE needs your help evaluating a program for CE approval
Hot list for financial education gifts
Avoid The Ghost of Christmas Past!
A Christmas Story - 'Twas a Few Days After Christmas
Ten Holiday Spending Tips for 2006
21 Tips for Wiser Holiday Spending To Help You Avoid Becoming a "Debt-Head"
Don't Become a "Debt-head" for the Holidays!
20 Ways To Spend Less on Groceries For Holidays!
October 2006
ICFE introduces Certified Credit Score Manager
ICFE Points Out the Dangers of Universal Default with a New Online PowerPoint Show Available Free
September 2006
ICFE Joins ANSI-BBB Identity Theft Prevention and Identity Management Standards Panels
August 2006
Specialized Training and Certification from ICFE Helps Professionals Expand and Market Their Services
ICFE Presents Identity Theft CE Session at Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. 2006 Annual Meeting - Los Angeles Convention Center
New FDIC DVD Tool Helps Consumers Protect Themselves Against Identity Theft and Suggests Steps They can Take if Victimized
July 2006
The National Financial Literacy Commission
ICFE Certified Credit Report Reviewer, Cindy Morus, Introduces FREE eBook: Credit Card Insider Tips with useful scripts for reducing credit interest rates
June 2006
ICFE Cautions Veterans and Active Duty Service Members: Credit Monitoring - A Feel Good Answer, But A False Sense of Security
Is The Price Right?
AFCPE® Grants 20 Continuing Education Credits for Accredited Financial Counselors Who Complete the ICFE's New Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist™ Program
May 2006
ICFE Certified Credit Report Reviewers and Certified Identity Prevention Specialists come from credit unions, all branches of the military, CPAs and financial planners, consumer credit and debt counselors, the U. S. Cooperative Extension Service, colleges, universities, mortgage brokers, notaries and insurance companies
Fighting Back Against Identity Theft
AvoID Theft: Deter, Detect, Defend
April 2006
Free credit correction services expanded for military personnel
Congress declares April Financial Literacy Month for the 4th year in a row and designates April 25th as Financial Literacy Day
What New Credit Scoring Models Mean for Consumers in 2006
Mortgage Insurance Premiums Can and Do Rise Based on Credit File Information, Whether Its Right or Wrong. Non-Disclosure an issue with FTC
Recognized Identity Theft expert develops training curriculum used by nation's top non-profit ID Theft advocacy organizations
March 2006
Negative Equity - Qualifying Child - Critical Illness
Pioneer Services to participate in ICFE Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist Program
February 2006
30 Continuing Education Credits from CFP Board of Standards and Practices, Inc. Accepted for ICFEs New ICFE Identity Theft Risk Management Certification Program
Kiss Of Death For A Mortgage Loan?
A Life Stage Analysis of Changing Attitudes and Behaviors is revealed in a new Dr. Robert Manning report: Living with Debt, Part I
A Life Stage Analysis of Changing Attitudes and Behaviors is revealed in a new Dr. Robert Manning report: Living with Debt, Part II
January 2006
Debt-Protection Service Doesn't Mean Debt Cancellation, Just a Postponement
Another new debit/credit card scam...but in this one the caller does not ask for a credit card number because they already have it, but they are looking for something else.
Minimum Credit Card Payments Double - A $10,000 balance can now be paid off in 15 years instead of 58
December 2005
ICFE Holiday Alerts: (1) Avoid The Ghost of Christmas Past!!! (2) Things To Know About Holiday Gift Cards
ICFE Introduces the First Nationwide Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist Training and Certification Program
November 2005
To Help You Get a Better Value For Your Dollar, Here Are Ten Holiday Spending Tips
October 2005
Overlooking Getting Your Free Credit Report Can Be Risky and Result in More Expensive Credit
San Diego Saves Says You Can Build wealth and not debt is aim of program
Payday Lenders and the Military
ICFE Certification and Education Programs Accepted for Continuing Education Units
September 2005
New "Jury Duty Scam" Seeks Personal Information By Direct Phone Contact
50,000 Consumers Nationwide Find Help With Credit When Credit Is Due Program
August 2005
California Department of Corporations Launches Program to Help TAPS to Combat Military Financial Fraud
ICFE Cautions Consumers to Scrutinize Identity Theft Services Because They Are Not Always What You Thought You Paid For
Debt Consolidation Company vs. Debt Settlement Company
ICFE adds "Ask Mr. G" and his extensive financial education FAQ library to its Web site
July 2005
Helpful Tips For Organizing Back-To-School Spending
Victims May Never Resolve Identity Theft
Credit Card Terms and Conditions Have a Highly Deceptive Effect
June 2005
Soldiers Get Forbearance On Late Mortgage Payments
Education Department To Hike Student Loan Rates on June 30th, 2005
Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for those CFPs who get ICFE Certification
May 2005
Military Families Targeted For High-interest Loans
Is It Overdraft Protection Or Is It Overcharging Fees?
Brief History of Credit
April 2005
New Financial Literacy Program Available Free Online
When Convenience Checks Aren't So Convenient
GAO: Consumers Need More Education on Credit Reports
April is National Financial Literacy Month Free PowerPoint Show available
Consumer Alert and Fact Sheet on Collection Agencies and Junk Debt Buyers
March 2005
Be Aware of Debt Elimination Scams and How They Work
The OTHER free credit reports you should be ordering: ChoicePoint, UD, MIB
New Report Identifies Problems With And Related To The Federally Mandated Free Credit Report Site
February 2005
The Commission is seeking public comment to aid staff in preparing a study on the effects of credit scores...
Feds Approve New Bounce Check Protection Guidelines
Servicemembers Anti-Predatory Lending Protection Act Introduced in Congress
ICFE Certified Credit Report Reviewers and IdentiMortgage Fraud on Rise
ICFE Certified Credit Report Reviewers and Identity Theft Prevention Specialists Trained And Ready To Assist Potential Victims Of Identity Theft As A Result Of Recently Revealed ChoicePoint Information Breach
The Addition of Universal Default Clauses To Cardholder Agreements and Increases In Credit Card Fees Often Go Unnoticed
CasePlanner™ - Powerful Tool to Educate Consumers and Assist Victims of Identity Theft is Now Available Through ICFE
Identity Theft Is Mostly Between Friends
January 2005
Interim Report Reveals a Correlation Between Credit When Credit Is Due
Financial Literacy Education and Increased Credit Scores
Past Due Debtors Hungry For Credit Fall Into Credit Card Trap
AFCPE Awards 12 CEUs to members who complete Credit When Credit Is Due
Five 2005 Resolution Solutions For Your Finances
December 2004
Last minute gifts for young people
ICFE's Financial Education Gift Hot List
Avoid The Ghost of Christmas Past
New military target: payday loans
NACCC Approves CEU's for ICFE's Certified Credit Report Reviewer Program
November 2004
The OTHER free credit report you need to know about
Your Access to Free Credit Reports
ICFE's Financial Education Gift Hot List
Secret History of the Credit Cards (TV PROGRAMMING ALERT)
FTC Seeks Comments on Proposed Fee for Credit Scores
October 2004
Credit scores used by Texas utility to determine rates charged to customers
UCAN sues Discover Card over "universal default"
Fannie Mae reforms two mortgage items: prepayment penalties and binding arbitration
Financial Literacy Commission announces their new web site
A New Law Promises To Streamline Check Processing
September 2004
Your Money Habits Discovered in a Deck of Cards!
Your APRs may increase if you default under ANY Cardmember Agreement
Financial Literacy Curriculum Available FREE for High Schools
August 2004
Service members urged to take advantage of the PFMP
FTC Releases Consumer Fraud Survey More Than One-In-10 Americans Fell Victim to Fraud
July 2004
Helpful Tips For Back-To-School Spending
Adverse Action Codes Used by CRAs That Affect Consumer Credit Scores
Bad Attitudes That Can Lead To Financial Ruin
The Next Bank Lending Trap for Borrowers
ICFE Partners with Department of Defense
June 2004
U. S. Public Interest Research Group's - Credit File Error Update
Credit Counseling Update - Consumer Alert: Are Americans Enrolled In Debt Management Plans Credit Counseling Agencies That Have Tanked In Danger of Losing Their Money or Privacy?
FTC Seeks Comments on Credit Scoring
FTC Comments on Identity Theft Provisions of FACTA
Credit Report Reviews Are Very Worthwhile
FTC Issues Final Rule on Free Annual Credit Reports
May 2004
Financial Literacy Learning Activities = Up to 80% Student Retention Rates
Bad Idea To Use Home Equity to Pay Off Credit Card Debts
FACTA - Study Shows Americans Are Concerned About Identity Theft
April 2004
Credit Scores by Geographic Regions
FTC Seeks Comments on Proposed Identity Theft, Active Duty Alert Regulations
April is National Financial Literacy Month Free Kids and Money PowerPoint show available
March 2004
Business and Consumer Alert! Not all 10-10 calling plans are equal
Financial Representatives Earn ICFE Credit Report Reviewer Certification
Discover Card not accepted by nonprofit ICFE
Credit Report Reviewer Certification from ICFE
National check approval systems are a bane for consumers who bounce checks and get blacklisted
More Help For Military Members Who Are Deployed Service Member's Civil Relief Act Updated for 2004
February 2004
ICFE Certifies 33 Credit Report Reviewers in January
ICFE Certifies Credit Report Reviewers
January 2004
Four Things Which May Negatively Affect Credit Scores
Money Didn't Come With Instructions Until Now!
How To Identify Those Financial Idiot Lights
Holidays bills still coming in - 17 steps to take to reduce your debts
FACTA gives consumers a free credit report annually, but...
Money Tips For Young People in America
December 2003
New provisions of the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003
Financial Education Videos & Software For Youngsters Make Useful Holiday Gifts
Financial Education Books for Youngsters Worthwhile
Financial Education Gifts For Everyone Ages 3-99!
Ten Holiday Spending Tips for 2003!
Financial Education Gifts For Adults ages 18-99!
21 Tips for Wiser Holiday Spending To Help You Avoid Becoming a "Debt-Head"
20 Ways To Spend Less on Groceries For Holidays!
Don't Become a "Debt-head" for the Holidays!
November 2003
Student-Loan Credit Reporting To Resume for Seven Million Borrowers
Credit cardholders have little awareness of changes in their cardholder agreements
Financial Education Books for Youngsters Worthwhile
October 2003
Protecting Your Credit Rating During a Divorce
Universal Default Is The Latest Consumer Credit Trap
September 2003
The Financial Literacy Community Outreach Act
Spenders we all are, so how do some get a bigger bang for their dollars?
August 2003
Fair Credit Reporting Act Gets Tweaked by Congress
July 2003
Consumers Lack Essential Knowledge
Credit Education Course Shows Results
June 2003
Everyday Spending Decisions Shape Your Financial Future
10 Quick Steps to Financial Success from the ICFE
Monitor Credit Reports to Guard Against Identity Theft
May 2003
ICFE Consumer alert: Your Check Is In The Mail But, DON'T CASH IT!
Identity Theft is a Major Problem, It affects all age groups
April 2003
Many Consumers are Overspenders, Are You? Check Your Profile
Spending Counseling and Credit Report Review Service Available Online at nonprofit ICFE
March 2003
Looking For A Financial Planning Professional
February 2003
Interactive Money Books for Kids or Young Adults
  Money lessons and allowance plan for kids ages 6-11 and young adults ages 12-17
Need a positive boost on your credit report?
  Credit education course grads get listed in national data base and also become eligible for discounts on loans, mortgages and fees from participating lenders and a waiver of deposits from participating utility providers plus many other benefits
Family Bank is for Young People
  Money lessons and allowance manager with a "virtual bank" on your computer
Credit Scores Vary on Different Credit Reports - Consumers Beware!
Money Tips For Young People in America
January 2003
Five Easy Ways to Improve Your Finances in 2003
Paying Too Much for Things is the Most Common Form of Overspending
Women Shouldn't Have To Be Paying More!
Spotting Financial Danger Signs