A Christmas Story - 'Twas a Few Days After Christmas

by Paul Richard - ICFE Executive Director

Twas a few months after Christmas and in this house,
the parents are worried not just over a mouse.

Because they got all charged up and overspent Christmas,
Now they are afraid they might become homeless.

Parents had over stuffed the stockings without a care,
not giving much thought that the credit card bills would soon be there.

The parents were fretting over the amount of their bills.
We are afraid last Christmas, they lamented, we didn't have much will.

About noon the mailbox noise was heard,
more charge card bills brought debt up a third

Now it's the mortgage company, this time on the telephone
warning and begging not to default on the loan

With bills piling up, parents wonder what are we going to do?
Maybe visit a credit counselor and a bankruptcy attorney too?

Spending is the key says ICFE.info to have your savings increase.
You won't have to go bankrupt but the credit card spending must cease.

Coupons and rebates increase the spendable dollar.
To get the kids to clip them and learn how to save, we may have to holler.

Now almost a year later, spending is improved and the bills are up to date.
Christmas will be a joy, because we use a list the whole family helped create.

To avoid credit based spending, we are shrinking that list and what we spend,
So we can enjoy a holiday that is paid for and won't have to ask anyone to lend.

Thanks to ICFE.info our debt is manageable and no longer out of sight
We’ve paid down the bills, so our holidays will be debt free and really bright.