ICFE's Financial Education Gift List for 2008

San Diego, CA. There are several unique financial education gifts available exclusively from the nonprofit Institute of Consumer Financial Education (ICFE), based in San Diego, CA.

This holiday season, the ICFE has created a Financial Education Gift List for all age groups. The lists consists of a dozen different selected courses, books, software, video and novelty gifts that will add a new dimension of financial education to the recipients.

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1) For chronic credit/debit card users, a/k/a chargaholics:

Credit/Debit Card Warning Labels
40 labels/$10 + SASE (single version or assortment) Red White and Blue in four versions:
a) Can I Afford It?
b) Should I Charge It?
c) WARNING: Overuse Is Dangerous
d) If You Can Eat It, Drink It, Or Wear It, It Is NOT An EMERGENCY

Credit/Debit Card Protection Sleeves, a/k/a Credit Card Condoms
10 sleeves/$10 + SASE (single version or assortment) Red White and Blue in four versions:
a) Credit/Debit Card Sleeve For Safer Spending and Preventing Debt
b) Credit/Debit Card Condom For Safer Spending and Preventing Debt
c) WARNING! Overuse Is Dangerous
d) If You Can Eat It, Drink It, Or Wear It, It Is NOT An EMERGENCY

2) For young people from age four to 18

Money Book for Kids (ages 6-11 - comes in a 3-ring binder)
Interactive money learning book for kids . This is a fun book that will help youngsters keep on top of their money, including how much they get in allowances and earnings, how much they spend and how much they save, plus detailed instructions and tips for kids on how to earn some money and more. $21.95 plus $3 p&h.

Money Book For Young Adults (ages 12-17 - comes in a 3-ring binder)
This practical book helps teenagers plan, budget and keep track of their money. The four major sections of the book are divided into: "Giving, Spending, Savings: Short-term and Savings: Long-term. There are different colored tabs, pouches and worksheets for tracking spending and savings. Young readers will also learn how plan their finances in advance. $21.95 plus $3 p&h.

Piggy Banks to Money Markets (ages five to 12 - VIDEO: VHS format)
A "Kids Video Guide To Dollars and Sense. " Covers all aspects of money, from where it all started to how it moves thorough society. Children will enjoy watching other youngsters run their own businesses. The new music is coupled with fun graphics. Video is about 30 minutes and comes with an activity guide. $19.95 + $3 p&h.

3) For families with young children, a unique allowance software

Family Bank software is for young people. Money lessons and allowance manager with a "virtual bank" on your computer. Family Bank software is specifically designed for children to learn how to keep track of their allowances, spending and savings with the click of a mouse. Its features help young people develop good spending skills while they're still at home. It can also help make savings habitual, and teach children to avoid debt. Family Bank software is an easy-to use tool to help parents better prepare their children to responsibly deal with their allowances and other earned income. PC Platforms: Windows 95, 98,2000, ME, XP, and NT compatible. $49.95 +$3.85 p&h.

4) For the first-time credit seeker or someone who has damaged their credit

Credit When Credit is Due Ages 18-75. Credit When Credit Is Due is a 12-lesson text, course designed to help individuals gain a better knowledge of money issues and responsibilities revolving around the world of credit. The course is a self-study curriculum, with pass/fail tests following each lesson. When students complete the course successfully, they will be registered in a national database and sent a registration card identifying them to lenders as graduates of a national standardized credit education program. They will also receive three cards addressed to the three major credit bureaus allowing them to add a positive statement to their credit reports. ($35.00 plus $5 p&h.) (Available in English and Spanish)

5) For the well-to-do person in your life

Money and Beyond Ages 25-88. By Arnold M. Patent, author of "You can have it all!" Money and Beyond transcends the conventional concepts of wealth to show you how to apply the principles of spiritual fulfillment to discover riches in all aspects of your life. He reveals 21 universal principles to lead you to discover your own inherent power to discover true wealth. $16.95 + $3 p&h.

6) For professional financial credit and debt counselors and planners

Money Habitudes™ - Counselor's Guide and four sets of Habitudes Cards. This unique deck of cards is an effective, novel approach that quickly reveal patterns of habits and attitudes about money which can support or sabotage achieving financial goals. The Money Habitudes deck includes easy-to-follow instructions for six activities using 54 statement cards. These cards describe a habit or attitude related to money such as: "I rarely buy anything unless I can pay it off right away" and "I am proud that I live modestly and think others should too." There is also a counselor's Guide included. Guide and four decks of Cards , $99.95 + $5.40 p&h.

7) For first year college students

Smart Startz A Financial Education Program for Young People. Ages 12 and up. Teaching money management skills for life is what these four booklets accomplish. Author Jim Garnett, an educational coordinator for Iowa's largest credit counseling agency, designed these self-help financial booklets, based on real life experiences.
(1) "What Every Teen Should Know About Credit Cards" and (2) "Going To College Without Going Broke" Booklets available at $8.00 plus $2 p&h.

8) For a financial planner, a credit counselor, a loan officer, or financial educator

ICFE Certified Credit Report Reviewer Certification enrollment. Self-study certification program on the new Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act, requires passing an examination. $250.