20 Ways To Spend Less on Groceries For Holidays!

1) Minimize number of trips to the store.
2) Always use a list designed on store layout to save time and money.
3) Shop alone and avoid going to the store just before a meal.
4) Always check store ads and flyers for on sale money saving specials.
5) Take advantage of the always plentiful coupons and rebates.
6) Shop stores that double or triple coupons for greater savings.
7) Cold cuts of meats usually cost less per pound at the deli-counter.
8) Save money on cheese: purchase in blocks, slice and shred at home.
9) Purchase fresh, unpeeled, unwashed, unpackaged vegetables.
10) Purchase fruits and vegetables by the bag for best value.
11) Purchase milk by the gallon, versus quarts, for best value.
12) Bulk buy whenever practical and save on cost per ounce or pound.
13) Avoid using expensive cuts of meats in stews or casseroles.
14) Compare prices on fresh/frozen turkeys for more edible meat per pound.
15) Pre-packaged foods cost 10 to 20 times more.
16) Purchase generic or store brands when practical and money saving.
17) Purchase fresh seafood in season to avoid higher prices.
18) Avoid the more expensive single servings and so-called snack-packs.
19) Purchase fruits and vegetables in season to avoid higher prices.
20) Items placed at eye level on shelves are often more expensive.