Money Didn't Come With Instructions, Until Now! The ICFE Updates The MONEY INSTRUCTION BOOK

Also Introduces Instructor Certification Program for The Money Instruction Book

San Diego, CA - The Wall Street Journal's advertisements in the eighties proclaimed: "Money doesn't come with instructions" became the inspiration for a new, very fundamental, personal finance learning curriculum from the nonprofit Institute of Consumer Financial Education (ICFE), called: The Money Instruction Book. The ICFE is an award winning, San Diego, CA based, consumer group dedicated to helping people of all ages improve their spending practices, increase their rate of saving and use credit more wisely.

The Money Instruction Book was created by ICFE executive director Paul Richard, a registered financial consultant (RFC). It is to be used either in the classroom or for at-home study, and importantly it helps students learn how to KEEP more of the money they make and DO more with the money they keep. Both at home study users and classroom participants who pass the fourteen chapter quizzes and a final examination will receive a Certificate of Completion from the ICFE.


Chapter One Attitude: Cornerstone for your future. Chapter Two Your Financial Pictures (Net Worth - Cash Flow) Chapter Three A Strategy For Achieving Goals Chapter Four Wealth Building Spending-Plan Chapter Five Debt Pay Plan - Money Trouble Signs Chapter Six Ready. . . . Set . . . . SPEND! Chapter Seven Accumulating Money & other Assets Chapter Eight Credit Unions & Banking Intelligently Chapter Nine Credit Use - Identity Theft - Credit Correction Chapter Ten How To Teach Children About Money Chapter Eleven Insuring Adequately Chapter Twelve Achieving Financial Peace of Mind Chapter Thirteen The Financial Planning Process Chapter Fourteen Becoming A Better Consumer, Avoiding Scams

The Money Instruction Book Is the second generation personal finance curriculum for the ICFE, their first personal finance curriculum was known as "The DOLLARPLAN: Spending and Savings Techniques for the 1990s". Over 500 individuals nationwide have attended two day instructor training classes put on by the ICFE in the 1990s.

Over 250,000 consumers, of all age groups, are estimated to have attended classes utilizing ICFE personal finance curriculum.

Instructors for the classroom version of The Money Instruction Book are certified exclusively by the ICFE. Instructor Certification means a qualified individual, (usually teachers, financial planners, banking or credit union officers) has completed the course itself in addition to studying presentation and classroom techniques covered in a separate independent learning guide. Each candidate for the ICFE Instructor Certification must successfully complete all fourteen quizzes in The Money Instruction Book in addition to a final exam before they are certified. ICFE Instructors have the flexibility of presenting a selected numbers of chapters, which are also available to consumers in booklet form, during a class or the entire curriculum.

Classes and each of the chapters are enhanced by the use of Power point presentations. Participants will learn early on why everyday spending decisions, especially credit based ones, will have a far greater negative effect on their financial future than any investment decision they will likely ever make.

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The Money Instruction Book (260 pages in a 3-ring binder) is $29.95 plus $4 standard rate mail. Order online at or send to: ICFE Money Instruction Book, PO Box 34070 San Diego, CA 92163-4070 or call 619-239-1401. ( Immediate shipment available)

The ICFE Instructor Certification Program is $300 plus $8 postage. Order online at or send to: ICFE Instructor Certification, PO Box 34070 San Diego, CA 92163-4070 or call 619-239-1401. (Program materials not available before 03-01-04)