Financial Education Videos & Software For
Youngsters Make Useful Holiday Gifts!

San Diego, CA - Three financial education videos and an allowance software program that is
designed to help children learn about finances through their allowances are recommended as
worthwhile for parents to consider as holiday gifts says the award winning, nonprofit Institute of
Consumer Financial Education (ICFE), which is based in San Diego, CA. All of the
recommended items may be seen at


"Learning To Save" (Children's video for ages four to nine, $19.95 + $3 p&h). This is a
lighthearted approach to teaching children the admirable concepts of saving and sharing in
addition to spending. With songs and chatter, little viewers are taught and inspired in a
classroom of students eager to learn about money. It is approximately 30 minutes and comes
with an activity guide of projects for kids and discussion

"Piggy Banks To Money Markets" (Children's video for ages five to 12, $19.95 + $2 p&h).
Its a "Kids Video Guide To Dollars and Sense. " Covers all aspects of money, from where it all
started to how it moves thorough society. Children will enjoy watching other youngsters run
their own businesses.
The new music is coupled with fun graphics. Video is about 30 minutes and comes with an
activity guide. The classroom edition comes with a teachers guide and 50 student activity
guides. It is $39.95 +$3 p&h.

NEW: "A High Price To Pay" (Children's video for ages five to 12,
$19.95 + $2 p&h). This new video from Joy Berry's Human Race Club series, is a wonderfully
animated story about EARNING MONEY. The video shows youngsters how they can find
satisfaction in the choices they make about money. It also encourages them to respect the
choices of others. It is approximately 30 minutes long.


"Family Bank" (PC based software for parents to use with children - $39.95 - download)
Family Bank was specifically designed for children to learn how to keep track of their
allowances, spending and savings with the click of a mouse. Family Bank software is an
easy-to use tool to help parents better prepare their children to responsibly deal with their
allowances and other earned income. The program establishes a 'virtual bank' on the family's
home computer. Family Bank is designed to be used by children ages 6 through 16 and is
considered very user friendly. The interactive software also features financial literacy activities.

Parental Help: "18 Ways To Teach Your Children or Grandchildren the Value of Money". Send
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