Financial Education Gifts For Everyone Ages 3-99!

San Diego, CA - There are several gifts available this holiday season that will help adults of all
ages learn about their finances and how to improve them, said Paul Richard, RFC - executive
director of the nonprofit Institute of Consumer Financial Education (ICFE), based in San Diego,
CA. The ICFE has reviewed and selected courses, books and novelty gifts that will add a new
dimension to financial education.


Credit/Debit Card Warning Labels
20 labels/$5 + SASE (single version or assortment) Red White and Blue-four versions:
a) Can I Afford It?
b) Should I Charge It?
c) WARNING: Overuse Is Dangerous
d) If You Can Eat It, Drink It, Or Wear It,

Credit/Debit Card Protection Sleeves, a/k/a Condoms 10 sleevs/$5 + SASE (single version or
assortment) Red White and Blue-four versions:
a) Credit/Debit Card Sleeve For Safer Spending and Preventing Debt
b) Credit/Debit Card Condom For Safer Spending and Preventing Debt
c) WARNING! Overuse Is Dangerous
d) If You Can Eat It, Drink It, Or Wear It,


CREDIT WHEN CREDIT IS DUE Ages 18-75. Credit When Credit Is Due is a 12-lesson text, course designed to help individuals gain a better knowledge of money issues and responsibilities
revolving around the world of credit. The course is a self-study curriculum, with pass/fail tests
following each lesson. When students complete the course successfully, they will be registered
in a national database and sent a registration card identifying them to lenders as graduates of
a national standardized credit education program. They will also receive three cards
addressed to the three major credit bureaus allowing them to add a positive statement to their
credit reports. ($50. plus $5 p&h.) (Available in English and Spanish)

MAKE YOUR MOVE Ages 18-85 (A Guide to Home Ownership) A home buyer education program designed to help you get into your first home. This is a self-study program. You set your own pace. Upon completion, there is an examination. Upon successful completion, your name and
course book registration number will be added to a data base which may be referenced in the
future by potential lenders, and may eventually earn you discounts or fee waivers from
participating mortgage and real estate firms. MAKE YOUR MOVE meets all the HUD and
Fannie Mae first time home buyer requirements. ($35 + $3 p&h).

FINANCIAL FITNESS TRAINING COURSE Ages 16-81. (multimedia) Course includes VHS
Video, a DVD, 4 CD Roms, Budget Worksheet and Nine Workbooks to use with the CD Rom lessons, a Budget register - for tracking spending 1 ea Fortune teller - a register for tracking savings and your wish lists and one Financial fitness budget worksheet (oversized 16"x 18") in an
attractive carrying case (molded plastic). ($199.95 plus $8 p&h.) (Available in English and Spanish)

MONEY AND BEYOND Ages 25-88. By Arnold M. Patent, author of You can have it all! Money
and Beyond transcends the conventional concepts of wealth to show you how to apply the
principles of spiritual fulfillment to discover riches in all aspects of your life. He reveals 21
universal principles to lead you to discover your own inherent power to discover true wealth.
$16.95 + $3 p&h.

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