Financial Education Books for Youngsters Worthwhile

San Diego, CA - There are several books available this holiday season that will help children learn about finances and they make wonderful gifts," says the award winning Institute of Consumer Financial Education (ICFE), based in San Diego, CA., The ICFE has reviewed books designed for young people

that parents and grandparents may consider as worthwhile holiday gifts.

NEW: Money Mamma & The Three Little Pigs Ages 3-10. This beautifully illustrated, read aloud,
hardcover, gift edition introduces the basics of sound money management and helps children develop a positive money attitude. It includes adorable characters and engaging child friendly explanations. The book helps parents teach children the value of giving, saving and investing. $19.95 plus $4 p&h.

The Peanut Butter and Jelly Game Ages 4-8. This book for children was written by Adam Eisenson. It is a wonderfully illustrated concept story book for young people who have the urge to spend all of their money or allowance the moment it is received. This hardcover, gift edition explains the principles of sharing, good spending and saving in a fun sort of way to youngsters. $15.95 plus $4 p&h.

Letia Young's "Money Book For Kids" Ages 6-11. (3-ring binder) This is a fun book that will help
youngsters keep on top of their money, including how much they get in allowances and earnings, how much they spend and how much they save. The book is divided into: "Giving, Spending, Savings: Short-term and Savings: Long-term. There are different colored tabs and pouches for keeping receipts and passbooks, plus there are worksheets for tracking spending and savings. There are detailed instructions and tips for kids on how to earn some money.
$19.95 plus $3 p&h.

"Better Than A Lemonade Stand" Ages 8-14. Written by (then) fifteen year old Daryl Bernstein, who believes and has proven that young people can make money in business, because he has been doing just that since age 8. He describes for young readers over 50 of his favorite small business ideas that are easy to launch and require little or no start-up costs. As a kid speaking to kids, Daryl tells kids what they really want to know about their own lemonade stand or other money making concepts. $9.95 plus
$2 p&h.

Letia Young's "Money Book For Young Adults" Ages 12-17 (3-ring binder) This practical book helps teenagers plan, budget and keep track of their money. The four major sections of the book are divided into: "Giving, Spending, Savings: Short-term and Savings: Long-term. There are different colored tabs, pouches and worksheets for tracking spending and savings. Young readers will also learn how plan their own finances in advance. $19.95 plus $3 p&h.

"Smart Startz" A Financial Education Program for Young People. Ages 12 and up. Teaching money management skills for life is what these four booklets accomplish. Author Jim Garnett, an educational coordinator for Iowa's largest credit counseling agency, designed this collection of self-help financial booklets, based on real life experiences. The set includes: (1) "Tackling A Teen Budget In Four Simple Steps" (2) What Every Teen Should Know About Credit Cards" (3) "Going To College Without Going Broke" and (4) "How To Have Money With The Money You Have." Set of 4 booklets $23.95 plus $3 p&h. Individual booklets also available at $8 plus $1 p&h.

"Please Send Money" Ages 18 and older. This financial survival guide for young adults on their own is written by the National Jump$tart Coalition For Personal Financial Literacy Youth's executive director, Dara Duguay. This book provides students and young people with the tools they need to navigate the tumultuous world of personal finance. It is filled with many real-life stories that expose common financial mistakes often made. Advice is offered on credit cards, managing car payments and much more. $16.95 plus $3 p&h.

"Don't Spend Your Raise! And 59 Other Money Rules You Can't Afford to Break" This is the
follow-up book to "Please Send Money." Written by the National Jump$tart Coalition For Personal
Financial Literacy Youth's executive director, Dara Duguay, she fills the book with dozens of practical, painless 'money rules' guaranteed to help young readers make fewer money mistakes. She warns: "Money doesn't buy happiness, but money troubles will make you miserable." $12.95 plus $3 p&h.

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