10 Quick Steps to Financial Success from the ICFE

San Diego, CA

1. Keep a written plan and goals for advancement.
2. Promote and maintain favorable, positive attitudes.
3. Exercise good cash control - keep receipts.
4. Ability to reach decisions and then act upon them.
5. Develop financial self-discipline.
6. Keep and maintain good records of finances etc.
7. Become adequately insured.
8. Maintain good credit control and do not overspend.
9. Build a history of regular savings accumulation.
10. Keep knowledge about personal finances current.

For help with "Mending Your Spending" and finding more money for savings, visit the ICFE's Web site at: http://www.icfe.info. If you would like a printed copy, please send $1 to the ICFE and ask for: "Money Helps" It is a consumer information packet which includes:

1) "10 Tips to improve spending practices";
2) "How to set up and implement a spending-plan" (plus a worksheet);
3) "Dealing with creditors";
4) "Steps to take to reduce indebtedness";
5) "How to spend smarter for household and grocery items",; and a
6) "Spender's Profile" which helps people identify dangerous spending

"Money Helps" contents is available free online at www.icfe.info/mending_spending

OR if you would like a printed copy or have no internet access, please
send $1 AND a self-addressed, stamped (60 cents) # 10 envelope (SASE)
Send to: ICFE "Money Helps", PO Box 34070 San Diego, CA 92163-4070.