Spending Counseling and Credit Report Review Service Available Online at nonprofit ICFE

San Diego, CA. The ICFE s Spendermender is now counseling online. Consumers whose spending is out of control, and as a result, may have seriously damaged their individual credit ratings and FICO credit scores, may now speak online or by telephone with the Spendermender. The new counseling service is being made available by the nonprofit Institute of Consumer Financial Education (ICFE), a San Diego based group helping people of all ages improve their spending, increase their savings and use credit more wisely.

The ICFE s Spendermender is Paul S. Richard, a registered financial consultant, (RFC) and a Certified Consumer Interviewer on the Fair Credit Reporting Act, by the Consumer Data Industries Association (CDIA). He is also the nonprofit ICFE s executive director.

Thousands of people in America are victims of poor spending practices and habits. Many of them find they seemingly have little or no control over their actions and need help changing their hurtful spending and the certain negative outcomes. Stories about the financial havoc wreaked on someone s once good credit rating are plentiful. Helping those consumers mend their spending and helping them to eventually recover their credit ratings or improve their FICO credit score is the end goal of the counseling sessions. Individuals who reside in the greater San Diego area make also make appointments for face-to-face counseling on spending and credit report reviews.

For more information about mending spending, or improving credit ratings through a new credit education course known as Credit When Credit Is Due, visit the ICFE's Web page at: http://www.icfe.info. The
site also includes helpful sections on increasing savings, using credit wisely, plus "How to set up and implement a spending-plan" (with a one page work sheet) for personal and/or family finances.

To receive the same information by mail, please send $1 and a self-addressed, 60 cent stamped envelope to: ICFE Spending Tips at PO Box 34070 San Diego, CA 92163-4070.