Institute of Consumer
Financial Education
Institute of Consumer
Financial Education

How to Make Present Income Go Farther

by Paul Richard - ICFE Executive Director

1. Plan all spending in advance.
2. Shop for everyday items and grocery/household stuff with a list.
3. Take advantage of coupons.
4. Take advantage of rebates and mail in offers.
5. Ask for cash discounts - always speak to the manager for discounts.
6. Bulk buy whenever practical and possible.
7. Wait for special sales and ask when sale dates occur.
8. Spend cash for everything - avoid credit based spending.
9. Purchase used and or rebuilt items when practical.
10. Make improved spending a family affair.
11. NO grocery shopping when hungry.
12. Separate shopping trips (when looking and comparing price, value, etc.) from spending trips (when actually making a purchase) AND don't take credit cards or a checkbook when going on a shopping trip.
13. Give gifts that don't cost out-of-pocket money such as baby-sitting time, shirt laundry and ironing, an outing for seniors, etc.
14. Don't buy from a merchant just because you are extended credit.
15. Start an automatic savings plan and consider buying US Savings Bonds.
16. Share magazine and newspaper subscriptions with friends and neighbors.