Institute of Consumer
Financial Education
Institute of Consumer
Financial Education

Protect Your Driver's License, Military/Government ID and Credit/Debit Cards with Anti-Electronic Pickpocket Technology Sleeves

The ICFE, originator of the
"Credit/Debit Card Warning Labels and Sleeves"
New Credit/Debit Card Sleeves from ICFE uses
new RFID technology to protect against electronic eavesdroppers.

How Can I Protect Myself and My Debit / Credit Cards from Thieves using RFID Scanners?
The ICFE Has "Credit / Debit Card Warning Labels and Sleeves to Protect You and Your Debit / Credit Cards from RFID Scanning Technology.
Watch This Video, and see why you should Order your RFID Protection from the ICFE Today.

RFID sleeve front RFID sleeve alternative front RFID sleeve back

Radio frequency identification technology has made carrying credit and debit cards very risky because of the ability of electronic eavesdroppers to read magnetic strips and computer chips embedded in some credit cards that keep in a wallet or pocketbook or on their person. The result is invariably stolen credit and identity theft. The victim didn't feel a thing; they just got around the wrong people and didn't have any way to protect their cards, until now.

The nonprofit Institute of Consumer Financial Education (ICFE) based in San Diego, CA has introduced a specially laminated credit/debit card sleeve which keeps personal information safe from prying electronic eavesdroppers and prevent cards from being read by RFID scanners.

Protecting personal information when using credit/debit cards has become top priority for everyone. Now it can be done inexpensively with the ICFE new anti-RFID Sleeves (see below). Practically anywhere someone goes with credit/debit cards on their person they are very vulnerable to thieves unless they have this new technology protecting the cards.

The ICFE first introduced credit card sleeves, a/k/a credit card condom, in 1993 and hundreds of thousands are in circulation world-wide.

The ICFE's new anti-RFID sleeves are red, white and blue and available with two choices:
RFID sleeve front RFID sleeve back
Order Now Item: CCWS-D

RFID sleeve alternate front RFID sleeve back
Order Now Item: CCWS-C

Important Information About ICFE's
DEFENDER Identity Theft Protection Products

sleeve construction

The ICFE's DEFENDER credit card sleeves, license and passport jackets prohibit information embedded in your document's smart chip from being read by an RFID scanner - no matter how close the scanner is held to the chip - as long as the chip is kept inside the DEFENDER product.

The secret is the ICFE's DEFENDER FIPS 201 certified lamination that will keep your personal information safe from prying electronic eavesdroppers.

Knowing your personal information is secure inside one of our Identity Protection products helps ensure a pleasurable, carefree experience whether shopping or traveling.