ICFE eNEWS #17-08 - February 24th 2017
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Promoting automatic savings to help people reach their savings goals

America/Military Saves Week is scheduled for February 27 - March 4, 2017 to spread the saving message and to encourage people to make savings automatic as part of America/Military Saves Week. America Saves Week is a great opportunity to help people in our community to Set a Goal, Make a Plan, and Save Automatically.

Take the America Saves Pledge

When someone takes the America Saves Pledge, they identify a savings goal (such as emergency fund or retirement), an amount to save per month, and the number of months they will save that amount. In other words, they make a basic savings plan. And those with a plan are more likely to spend less than they earn and save the difference than those without a plan.

• Quick way to create a basic savings plan, helping individuals save more successfully
• Series of welcome emails to motivate individuals to save towards their selected goal
• Additional emails with:
    • Challenges to encourage individuals to take action like saving $50 more, making lunch every day for a week, or automating their savings
    • Stories and tips from savers just like them
    • Reminders of the goal, amount to save, and timeframe they selected
    • The opportunity to report if they saved or not and to choose a new goal
• The option to receive text messages with reminders to save and tips on the savings goal they selected.
America/Military Saves Week is coordinated by America Saves and the America Savings Education Council. The Week is an annual opportunity for organizations to promote good savings behavior and a chance for individuals to assess their own saving status. Learn more at AmericaSavesWeek.org.


WHEREAS, personal and household savings is fundamental to America's stability and vitality; and
WHEREAS, adequate emergency savings, retirement funds, and safe debt‐income ratios are critical components of personal financial security; and
WHEREAS, America/Military Saves is a national campaign to persuade, encourage, and motivate Americans to take financial action in building wealth through saving money and reducing debt;
WHEREAS, the ICFE is a partner in the America/Military Saves campaign and is urging immediate and ongoing financial action to Build Wealth, Not Debt;
NOW, THEREFORE, the American Savings Education Council hereby proclaims the week of February 27 – March 4, 2017 as


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