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Christmas Investments That Generate Interest
This article could help you have the best Christmas ever!

By Jim Garnett, a/k/a Ask Mr.G, a member of the ICFE's Board of Educational Advisors

As many of you know, before I became a financial counselor, I served as a Senior Pastor for 30 years. During that time, I discovered that the Bible speaks more about money, finances, and stewardship than it does any other subject.

Today's topic of discussion has to do with this simple principle taught in that ancient, yet current Book: "For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." (Matthew 6:21) The meaning of this statement is simply that our interest (our heart) will follow our treasure (what we invest in). To generate interest in something, invest in it. Giving our treasure, time, or talents generates interest that follows our investment.

The holidays for many can be a sad time because we become focused on self and what or whom we do not have. Getting our eyes off self and onto others is a guaranteed way to transform our attitude without changing our circumstances. It is a guaranteed way to produce joy inside!

So, here is a list of 40 different "investments" we can make in the people around us during the upcoming days. Take a minute to scan them and see if any of them catch your eye.

    Convey five compliments to five different people in two days.
  1. Pay for someone's meal anonymously.
  2. Visit a nursing home.
  3. Write thank you notes to your paperboy.
  4. Donate toys to a local shelter
  5. Drop off homemade treats to the firemen and policemen.
  6. Send a care package to a soldier.
  7. Thank a veteran for his service or pay for his meal.
  8. Invite a college kid home for Christmas.
  9. Phone a shut-in to just "catch up."
  10. Donate your time at a shelter.
  11. Take crayons and coloring books to a hospital children's ward.
  12. Let someone ahead of you in line.
  13. Leave an extra big tip and write "Merry Christmas" on the receipt.
  14. Invite an elderly person over for a meal with your family.
  15. Offer to be a driver for someone who cannot drive.
  16. Clear snow off your neighbor's walks or drive.
  17. In one week give away five $5.00 bills to strangers and say "Merry Christmas."
  18. Offer to babysit so parents can have a night out.
  19. Give a restaurant card to each of your church staff.
  20. Buy your neighbor a bag of his favorite birdseed.
  21. Take a bag of groceries to a shut-in.
  22. Invite a relative out for coffee.
  23. Take a flower to a friend, shut in, or military spouse.
  24. Take your sibling's kids for a day so he/she can enjoy a day off.
  25. Bring in your neighbor's trash container.
  26. Pay for someone's groceries at the store or the people behind you at the drive through.
  27. Send a card or an email to someone who has been an inspiration to you and thank them.
  28. Offer your seat to someone at the doctor's office.
  29. Forgive someone who does not deserve forgiveness.
  30. Make your spouse breakfast in bed. (or not)
  31. Smile at your server and ask, "So, how's your day going?"
  32. Have your kids help you pick up trash at the park.
  33. Offer to help an elderly person find their car in the parking lot.
  34. Gather a group of friends and their children and go caroling.
  35. Empty the dishwasher for your wife or mom.
  36. Send a list of "The Top 10 Things I Like About You" to a friend.
  37. Send a thank you note to your school custodian.
  38. Phone your city administrator and thank him for his work.
  39. Ask an elderly friend to tell you about his favorite Christmas memory.
Making a conscious commitment to perform a couple of these "investments" each day can be the key for putting the "Merry" in your "Merry Christmas!"

Ask Mr. G
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