ICFE eNEWS #16-29 - August 29th 2016
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Over Half of US Taxpayers Fear ID Theft Loss

This eNews report is sent by the Institute of Consumer financial Education (ICFE), publisher and certifying authority of the Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist® (CITRMS®) XV program.

A poll from the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) shows half of US adults believe it is at least "somewhat likely" that they will fall victim to some form of identity theft that results in financial loss in 2017.
The AICPA also reported that in the past year more than one in five Americans (21 percent) have experienced ID theft or attempted ID theft. In contrast, the survey showed the vast majority of Americans (93 percent) affected by ID theft took some action to fix it.
"There are basic steps people can take right now, before identity theft causes a financial nightmare. Securing your personal information and only providing your social security number when it is absolutely necessary are easy steps to take," said Gregory Anton, Chair of the AICPA's National CPA Financial Literacy Commission.
"Americans who are victimized by investment fraud or identity theft should alert the proper authorities," added Anton. "By reporting the crimes, they are increasing the chance that the scammers will be brought to justice and reducing the risk that they will target others in the future."
While these basic steps are helpful in minimizing the risk and mitigating the adverse effects of an identity theft incident, the ICFE's CITRMS® XV course provides a comprehensive treatment of the nature of the risks, how identity thieves operate, responsibilities of holders of personally identifiable information, and broad coverage of the methods of responding to this growing threat.
This subject, and related risk management exercises, are covered in more detail in the Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist® (CITRMS®) XV course from the Institute of Consumer Financial Education. It is available as an online program or a published course.

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