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"The Six M's of Money" explained at
Celebrating Women and Wealth Workshop

It's not a secret that many women have a difficult time understanding money in a way that helps them be financially successful. After all, we're rarely taught about money and investing in school or at home. Fortunately, help is right around the corner.

Creative Wealth, well-known for their unique, eye-opening, highly-effective, fun and engaging youth money camps on all things wealth related, will soon kick-off of their new women's program with a special women's workshop called, "Celebrating Women and Wealth Workshop" for women age 16 and up from March 12-13, 2016. It will be led by Elisabeth Donati, creator of Camp Millionaire and The Money Game, and Marjean Holden, Actress and International Transformational Trainer. Both instructors are experts in Accelerated Learning Techniques that promise to make the workshop fun and engaging for everyone.

Experts agree, money is one of the most misunderstood substances on the planet, especially among women in a culture that often leaves them at a distinct disadvantage. Here are a few reasons women struggle with money:
The truth is that women, however, are often better investors than men once they learn the ropes. Clearing up confusions about money and creating wealth can quickly transform a woman's life.

The program will include a look at "The Six M's of Money" (minding, making, managing, multiplying, mending and mentoring), the art of making peace with money, the critical difference between earning and making money, a simple money management system that really works, a get-out-of-debt fast technique to help reduce cut stress and put women back in control of their money, how to talk to a spouse or child about money, and much more.

Registration is available online. Tickets are $50 per seat, scholarships and volunteer positions available. Ages 16 and up are welcome.

More information is available online.

Workshop flyer available here.

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