ICFE eNEWS #14-05 - Feb 5th 2014

Interest Rates On The Move: What consumers should do now!

San Diego, CA, February 5th, 2014 - Uncertainty in the interest rate markets, especially in the area of home mortgages, makes this an important time for consumers to make well-informed decisions, says the non-profit Institute of Consumer Financial Education (ICFE), based in San Diego, CA.

Whether you have an existing fixed-rate or adjustable rate (ARM) home loan, or even other significant non-mortgage debt, decisions you take now can make the difference between debt reduction or elimination and paying thousands of dollars of unnecessary interest.

ICFE has partnered with the SMARTEquity™ organization to provide the Certified SmartEquity Specialist (CSES™) program. This training and implementation program is for professionals who work with consumers to apply a unique methodology permitting credit-worthy people to reduce the length of time it takes to pay off mortgage indebtedness.

With the right guidance and decisions, millions of homeowners across the nation stand to benefit from the application of the SMARTEquity™ program, through the efforts of CSES™ professionals. This opportunity during a time of unstable interest rates is both timely and accessible. Additional advantages may result from the CSES program, as it also provides potential improvement in the credit scores of consumers.

The ICFE is the publisher and certifying authority of the Certified SmartEquity Specialist (CSES™) credential. Holders of the CSES™ including civilian and military financial counselors, recognize the urgent necessity for potentially affected consumers to take action to maximize the possibility of reducing interest payments and overall debt, and stand ready to help.

Consultation with an ICFE Certified SmartEquity Specialist is advisable. A state by state Directory of CSES® individuals is provided at the ICFE web site - ICFE.org.

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