ICFE eNEWS #12-23 - November 25th 2012

ICFE Credit/Debit Card Sleeves utilizes new ANTI-RFID technology to protect users against electronic eavesdroppers.

NEW video shows just how Anti-RFID sleeves work.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology has made carrying a driver's license, military/government ID, many passports, and credit/debit cards very risky because of the easy ability of electronic eavesdroppers to read magnetic strips and computer chips which are embedded in the cards.

Cards that are kept in a wallet, pocketbook or on their person are especially vulnerable. The result is almost always stolen credit and identity theft. The victims didn't feel a thing; they just got around the wrong people and didn't have any way to protect their cards, until now.

Introducing the new specially laminated credit/debit card sleeves designed to keep personal information safe from prying electronic eavesdroppers. The new technology prevents the magnetic stripe found on almost all passport, ID cards and credit/debit cards, even those with a chip embedded, from being read by RFID scanners. The ICFE first made the credit/debit card sleeves, a/k/a the credit card condom, available in 1993. Since then, hundreds of thousands are in circulation world-wide.

The ICFE's new anti-RFID technology sleeves are red/white/blue and are now available with two choices:

A - Warning - Overuse Is Dangerous

B - It Is Not An Emergency

Protecting personal information on credit/debit cards is a top priority for everyone. Now it can be done inexpensively with the ICFE new anti-RFID Credit/Debit Card Sleeves. Practically anywhere someone goes with ID and/or credit/debit cards on their person they are very vulnerable to thieves - electronic pickpockets - unless they have these new sleeves with anti RFID technology. Please visit icfe.info

15 sleeves are $10 postage paid. Quantity prices are available.

ICFE Sleeves - PO Box 34070, San Diego, CA 92163-4070.

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Institute of Consumer Financial Education (ICFE)

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