ICFE eNEWS #12-20 - September 20th 2012

ICFE Certifications can enhance your value to others

September 2012

In addition to ongoing news developments involving the course materials from ICFE, periodically we review and pass on comments on the experiences of professionals using their ICFE education and credentials.

In this eNEWS, we are pleased to include comments from John Hobden, a financial advisor in London, Ontario, Canada. We trust his experience with the Certified SmartEquity Specialist (CSES(TM)) course will be useful to both consumers and other financial professionals. Rather than summarizing John's comments, here is the story in his own words:

"Hello my name is John Hobden and I wanted to share my experience with the SmartEquity (CSES™) program. I'm a financial advisor and after using the SmartEquity program myself and being able to experience savings in both the time to pay off my mortgage and the amount of interest payments saved I started sharing the program with my clients.

My referral business has exploded to the point I'm having a hard time keeping up with the appointments. I found by first helping clients free up cash flow and saving thousands of dollars in loan interest payments they found it easy to get properly insured.

All I did was share with them my experience with the (CSES™) program and helped them to save thousands in loan interest payments. The program has helped me both personally and professionally."

John Hobden

In our own experience, John's ability to build his practice is a frequently reported advantage for ICFE certificate holders, whether it is in using the SmartEquity (c) system, identity theft issues, or credit report review.

ICFE invites current and prospective certificate holders to share comments both on John's story and to submit their own experiences, in support of financial professionals and consumers as well, in the use of ICFE course education and credentials.

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