ICFE eNEWS #11-03 - January 10th 2011

ICFE Introduces New Certification - Certified SmartEquity™ Specialist
Eliminate debt up to 72% faster. The New CSES™ Course is accepted for 15 CEs

San Diego, CA. - The Institute of Consumer Financial Education (ICFE) has introduced for January 2011 a new online certification course titled: Certified SmartEquity™ Specialist (CSES™), which has been accepted for 15 CEs by the AFCPE and variety of other professional organizations.

Certified SmartEquity™ Specialist Online Course Description
The ICFE's CSES™ program is about mortgage and debt reduction through a cash flow money management software system. Students will learn about how mortgages are calculated, how interest is compounded and as a result how we end up paying for two and sometimes three homes because of the amount of interest we pay on the original mortgage.
The CSES™ shows how it's possible to pay off the original mortgage in half the time or less using their current household budget. In the case of consumer debt students will learn the process for eliminating these debts up to 72% faster again using their current household budget.
Students will learn about dramatically reducing the "Mortgage Freedom Date" which is the date that they're mortgage free. If you take your current age and add the amortized years left on your mortgage this is your Mortgage Freedom Date. A person age 55 with 25 years left on the mortgage will have a Mortgage Freedom Date of 80. On average we can show how to get that Mortgage Freedom Date down to 65.
Application of the SmartEquity™ program also provides for the management and elimination of credit card and other consumer higher-interest debt, as well as an integrated accounting system.
We show how to track progress monthly and manage asset, liability, capital accounts and how to create and read financial reports such as the balance sheet, net worth, profit & loss statement and cash flow reports. The key to success is setting a goal and tracking the progress.
Anyone taking this course will gain the knowledge to not only better manage their financial situation or small business and thousands in interest payments but also help their clients save potentially tens of thousands in unnecessary interest payments freeing up financial resource to invest, help pay for their children's education or purchase a second investment property. The possibilities are endless when you're living debt free.

The CSES™ course is designed to enhance the ability of financial and related professionals to utilize SmartEquity™ software for the benefit of their clients. Clients will also have the ability to integrate SmartEquity™ software into their financial planning and record-keeping, resulting in more efficient implementation of financial planning and more effective relationships between the client and financial professional.

ICFE has certified about five thousand professionals in seven different specialty certification programs. These professionals are employed by a wide range of organizations including consumer credit and debt counseling organizations, credit unions and other financial institutions, student loan lenders, cooperative extension system, all branches of the military, mortgage, real estate, and financial services firms; law enforcement, and other government agencies. Many others are private practitioners including notary public, attorneys, CPAs, CFPs, privacy professionals and consumer educators.

The CSES™ program is also accepted for 15 continuing education credits and continuing legal education credits by many national professional organizations, such as CFPs, RFPs, CLU-ChFCs, credit, debt and financial counselors, the AFCPE, and also by several state regulatory licensing agencies.

For more information, please visit ICFE.info.

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