ICFE eNEWS #10-27 - August 12th 2010

Coupon Usage Soars in Advance of September, the National Coupon Month

[Ft. Collins, CO] - In recent years, the demographics of Americans who use coupons have evolved. No longer are coupons used only by scissor-happy elderly women who commence their snipping when the Sunday newspaper arrives. In fact, a study by Inmar Inc. revealed that coupon usage increased by 17 percent in 2009. Younger and affluent buyers are using more coupons that any segment of the population. Recognizing the increased popularity of couponing, the founders of the popular coupon website and iphone application Coupon Sherpa are promoting Coupon Month, which is set for September, with a new website ILoveCouponMonth.com.

Though the Sunday newspaper is still a common method of finding them, coupons are no longer limited to paper alone. For example, there are online coupons with codes for Internet purchases and mobile coupons that can be scanned directly from a phone. The ILoveCouponMonth.com site offers tips about getting the most out of coupons, information about couponing trends and the history of coupons, and resources of places to find different types of coupons.

The site also has a section called 30 Days of Savings Tips, which includes informative nuggets like How to Effectively Use a Coupon Binder System, Rules for Pairing Coupons with Sales and The Anatomy of a Coupon.

"With the wide availability of coupons, there are few things that you should have to pay full price for," said Luke Knowles, the co-founder of Coupon Sherpa. "The idea of National Coupon Month is to spread the word about the different types of coupons and inform consumers on the many ways they can save money with coupons."

Knowles believes that coupons can not only help the average family save from $500-$1000 each year, but they can also help shoppers become smarter by being aware of their favorite products' prices, and encourage consumers to watch for sales and get double and triple value from coupons.

"Coupons are also an ideal way to teach your children about math," Knowles added. "It helps them learn subtraction and percentages, and makes math more interesting for them."

The founders of Coupon Sherpa are trying to heighten the awareness for consumers about the new era of couponing.

Knowles created Coupon Sherpa in 2009 as a comprehensive resource where consumers can find online coupons, printable coupons and grocery coupons along with a free, downloadable iPhone application that provides access to mobile coupons. He then debuted the Ask Coupon Sherpa blog, which is a resource that contains engaging features about money saving tips and also serves as an interactive site where consumers can ask questions and share shopping secrets of their own.

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