ICFE eNEWS #10-23 - June 21st 2010

Moving to the top of the list in job search requires standing out!

Certifications Demonstrating High Financial Literacy Skills Enhance Your Value to an Employer

San Diego, CA. - Want to have your resume stand out and attract attention? Want to increase your odds for that promotion by as much as 80 to 90 percent? Demonstrating a passion to take on and complete certification programs to enhance your skill in the area of financial literacy adds value and helps potential employers feel secure in your ability to do your job.

Employers look for employees with leading edge thinking, who enhance their qualifications and who show they can get the job done. But today, employers are looking for more. In light of rising cost of employee absenteeism and the impact financial stress is having on US companies, employers are also looking for people grounded in their finances.

Potential employees with good financial literacy skills are less likely to get themselves in situations where they waste valuable work time dealing with money stress.

Certification programs from education organizations, and certificate of completion courses from community colleges, as two examples, are the types of educational programs which enhance an employee's value to his or her employer. A note of caution, however, many jobs today, whether medical, the teaching profession or the financial services industry, for instance, require individuals to be licensed in most states. Certain licenses and professions such as a CFP, or CPA, or an MD, as examples, also require continuing education units (CEUs) to maintain a license or credential. It is vital the certification programs you select are also those recognized by other professional organizations and or state licensing authorities.

Take an individual making application for a Human Resource (HR) department position, who also holds a certification in credit report reviewing or as an identity theft risk management specialist, as examples, will instantly be recognized as the more qualified candidate, because credit and privacy issues are confronted daily by employees, who often turn to the HR department for assistance and guidance.

For the unemployed, niche certifications could give one applicant a significant edge over the competition and increase their value to any potential employer. Individuals positioning themselves for a promotion or an increase in present wages would be very wise to look at all the special courses and certifications available in that particular field, and determine if holding any new certifications and additional CEUs would improve the chances of the promotion and increase in remuneration.

High unemployment means more competition for jobs that do become available; so the same would hold true for those making application for work in a particular field. They should look into how a niche courses or certificates would expand their qualifications and experience and lead to a firm offer of employment.
Topics of these programs are virtually unlimited. Many courses can be taken on-line in the convenience of one's home. Some courses come with college credits, while others are recognized by a variety of professional organizations and state regulatory agencies as being accepted for fulfilling a CEU requirement.
The nonprofit Institute of Consumer Financial Education (ICFE) based in San Diego is one of the premier organizations making "Certifications" available to all financial and insurances services professionals, credit and debt counselors, HUD and housing counselors, military readiness counselors, senior advisors and consumer advocates.
The ICFE's lists of courses and the number of CEs they are accepted for are:
Certified Credit Report Reviewer - (also online) - 15 CEs
Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist - 20 CEs
Certified Home Equity Conversion Mortgage Specialist - 15 CEs
Certified URSLA(TM) Reviewer & Educator (Retirement financial literacy specialist) - 15 CEs
Medical Billing Advocacy Home Study Course - 15 CEs
The Money Instruction Book Personal Finance Instructor Certification - 12CEs

For enrollment information, please visit ICFE.info.

ICFE Certificate holders are entitled to a special discount on other ICFE courses - please call 619-239-1401 for details and verification.

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