ICFE eNEWS #10-22 - June 17th 2010

New ICFE CURE™ training course on retirement scoring has no equal.

CURE™ accepted for 15 CEs by the CFP. AFCPE et-al

San Diego, CA. - Credit scoring was introduced in the 70's and is now commonplace in the credit industry. Now there is a new training program from the Institute of Consumer Financial Education (ICFE) to help professionals calculate an individual's URSLA™ = Unbiased Retirement Sustainability Longevity Age using WHEN-Score™ software.

Calculating this important age is part of the training and education included in a new certification from the ICFE, called the Certified URSLA™ Reviewer and Educator, or CURE™ program. URSLA™ is the concept behind WHEN-Score™ software which calculates the age to which an individual's financial resources will last, based on factors individuals can actually control in their life. It is measured by an easily understandable number - an age -making it simpler than the credit scoring system.

The URSLA™ defines resource longevity-- the age to which, with a 90% probability, financial resources will last given what someone is doing today-- planning, saving and spending.

The most important reason for a person to use WHEN-Score™ software to determine their URSLA™ is they can easily see which strategies will increase their financial resource longevity age. This is especially significant for people in the baby-boomer generation. Strategies used in a 20 year time span (ten years before to ten years after retirement) can make a huge difference in how long financial resources last. Once individuals know their initial URSLA™, they can then take practical steps to extend how long their financial resources will last.

Many people find it difficult to face the financial realities of their life. A CURE™ professional is trained in a non-judgmental way to become a partner in their journey.

Working with URSLA™ and the CURE™ professional is all part of the 'New Normal' - a new way individuals are taking responsibility after the financial stress of the past couple years. Individuals and families alike are changing the way they spend money; lifestyles are now leaner and purchasing is more in line with priorities and values.

The CURE™ program includes an Independent Study Guide with five modules, a resource book "Ten Weeks to Financial Awakening", software, marketing aids, downloads, an E- book, "Stepping Stones to Success" and a program examination.

The CURE™ program has been accepted for 15 Continuing Education credits (CEs) by the CFP(R) Board of Standards and Practices, the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants and The Association for Planning and Counseling Education, among many others. For enrollment information, please visit ICFE.info

The nonprofit ICFE has trained, examined and issued credentials to over 5,000 individuals, including privacy consultants, law enforcement, military counselors, lawyers, paralegals, financial planners and credit counselors, real estate agents and mortgage brokers, among many others.

ICFE Certificate holders are entitled to a special discount on the CURE™ training - please call 619-239-1401 for details and verification.

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