ICFE eNEWS #10-07 - February 12th 2010

ICFE Announces New Courses for 2010
Medical Billing Advocacy Home Study Course.
Accepted for 15 CEs by the AFCPE

San Diego, CA - Medical Billing Advocates of America (MBAA) and the ICFE have come together to make available the MBAA's widely recognized program: Medical Billing Advocacy Home Study Course (MBAHSC). 15 Continuing education credits has been accepted by the AFCPE and pending with other professional organizations.

Health care and health insurance reform have been at the forefront of the news and political discourse during much of 2009 and will continue to be in 2010. Several legislative proposals have been made to accomplish this reform. One thing is certain medical and health care costs will continue to rise, insurance premiums will increase and so will errors in medical coding and billing.

Specialists who understand medical billing and coding will be on the front lines as the main advocates for consumers, both insured and the uninsured. Many will require costly medical care and subsequently they may also need help with understanding their costs, and more importantly, if those costs are accurate.

Every year in America, hundreds of thousands and perhaps millions of dollars in medical billing errors now go undetected. In fact, even more would be wasted if not for professional advocates who are trained members of Medical Billing Advocates of America (MBAA). In medical bills that MBAA founder and chief advocate, Pat Palmer, checked for her first 22 clients, she discovered errors on 20.

This MBAA program is now available to all ICFE CCRR®, CITRMS® and CHECMS™ Certificants and other professionals, including but not limited to, financial and insurance planners, health care, health insurance, aging in place, credit, and debt counselors, consumer advocates and educators.

MBAA's introductory MBAHSC, for individuals includes how to: 1) build a client base of individual consumers and the doctors who want to collect funds from insurance companies on behalf of patients. 2) Secure information and billing details from providers and hospitals. 3) Analyze provider codes and spot errors on bills and insurance statements. 4) Successfully recover money for the errors and overcharges you find (and collect a fee).

Enrollees receive a comprehensive operating manual containing nearly 350 pages with ten sections. There are step-by-step guidelines, plus sample forms, exercises, and much more. The manual was written by trained seminar leaders and designed to take new advocates step by step through the research and recovery process.

A 100 question examination follows the course of study. A score of 85% is required for those seeking the 15 continuing education credits.

Information about the new Medical Billing Advocacy Home Study Courses is available here.

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