ICFE eNEWS #09-15 - July 23rd 2009

ICFE Updates Home Certified Equity Mortgage Conversion Specialist Course
CHECMS™ is Recommended by the NRMEC and Accepted for 15 CE's

San Diego, CA The Certified Home Equity Conversion Mortgage Specialist™ (CHECMS™) course has been updated by the ICFE. It is a training and certification curriculum specifically developed to help professionals learn and understand the nature of the home equity mortgage conversion law and practice, and all the substantive characteristics of reverse mortgages from the nonprofit Institute of Consumer Financial Education (ICFE).

Of special notice has been the recommendation of the CHECMS™ certification program by the prestigious National Reverse Mortgage Education Center. NRMEC is one of the most integrated web sites for consumers and professionals who want to know more about reverse mortgages.

A reverse mortgage for seniors can mean the difference between enjoying the golden years and living with daily anxiety. It's important for senior homeowners and their families to receive qualified professional advice on the use of this financial tool, since it is not appropriate for everyone.

The CHECMS™ course materials include a 100 question examination and a minimum score of 80 percent is needed for certification. Participants who successfully complete the course will be prepared to work with seniors and their families in determining the best means of utilizing the HECM program. It is notable the educational value of the ICFE's CHECMS course has been accepted by several prestigious governing bodies for continuing education credits for their members. In addition to the substantive education, many will receive 15 credit-hours toward their CE requirements.

Participants learn about the law that created reverse mortgages and what it takes to be a HUD qualified lender. The ICFE course takes the student through the step-by-step process of originating a HECM and completing it to closing the loan. Plus it includes HUD servicing options and enrollees will learn and develop the knowledge and skills needed to effectively comply with all the HUD regulatory procedures. Beyond the immediate usefulness of the course content, holders of ICFE certification are better able to market their services and integrate them with other professional capabilities. Everyone in the process, including senior homeowners, their families, and professionals will benefit.

For more information contact:
Yan Ross, JD, Author: 602-703-3336 or yanross@avalonstrategies.com
Lyn R. Link, NRMEC: 800-628-3071 or lyn@NRMEC.org

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