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January 5, 2009

Credit Report Review a Critical Element in Economic Recovery
ICFE Launches Online Delivery of Credit Report Review Course

San Diego, CA. - The Institute of Consumer Financial Education (ICFE), after extensive analysis of the impact of the credit squeeze on consumers' ability to drive the economic recovery, reports that a largely ignored but critical element in the prospect for economic recovery is professional and knowledgeable review of consumer credit reports.

News stories abound on the debilitating effects of the credit squeeze on nearly every facet of consumer markets. Whether it's the inability to get automobile financing, the curtailment of credit card limits, or even the shortage of working capital loans for small businesses, the importance of accurate and appropriate credit reports is paramount.

One element missing until recently is a standardized credential in credit reporting and reviewing that can be recognized and relied upon by consumers, lenders, businesses and legal people, even law enforcement. The ICFE has bridged that gap with its Certified Credit Report Reviewer (CCRRTM) certification. Focusing on credit reports and how to review them with consumers, the course guides students in exploring the complexity of these issues and how they can negatively impact and harm consumers, small business owners, and would-be providers of goods and services.

According to Paul Richard, ICFE's Executive Director, "In working with Certified Credit Report Reviewer (CCRR) professionals, both consumers and businesses can be assured their credit files are doing something "for" them instead of doing something "to" them. It is important also to be using their credit reports in a positive way, and help the economy get going again."

ICFE, founded in 1982 and based in San Diego, CA., has now placed its popular CCRRTM course online, powered by the Distance Learning Company. The online CCRR program is available at ICFEonline.org

About 2700 financial counselors, credit union officials, military counselors and other professionals have completed in the course since 2004. ICFE is also a partner with the Department of Defense in the Financial Readiness Campaign for military personnel and their families.

Changes in the credit reporting industry coupled with the impact of credit scoring have left many people both unaware and at a disadvantage and underscores the importance of continuing education among professionals. ICFE courses are designed especially for financial, legal, real estate, credit and debt counseling professionals.

American businesses used to link future plans to continued growth of consumer credit. Now, however credit lines are shrinking and more emphasis is on credit scoring. Another focus among credit grantors is to thwart fraudulent manipulation of authorized user accounts, otherwise known as "piggybacking."

With the delivery of the ICFE's CCRRTM program online, ICFE also added more content to the Independent Study Guide and the final exam is now 60 questions. The program is accepted for continuing education credits and continuing legal education credits by many organizations and state regulatory licensing agencies.

Getting the ICFE Certified Credit Report Reviewer (CCRRTM) credential is now becoming essential for all credit, debt, privacy specialists, financial and insurance counselors who are working with the public because it helps consumers become more aware of these important issues and avoid being hurt by ignorance.

The addition of the online version allows students to take advantage of studying at their own pace, answer sample test questions at the end of each of the course chapters and view the entire program form the comfort of their home or office.

The nonprofit ICFE has examined and issued credentials to over 5,000 individuals, including privacy consultants, law enforcement, military counselors, lawyers, paralegals, financial planners and credit counselors, real estate agents and mortgage brokers since 2004. For more information please visit ICFEonline.org

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