Institute of Consumer
Financial Education
Institute of Consumer
Financial Education

About the ICFE

This Web site is dedicated to the ICFE's founder Loren Dunton (1918-1997).
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Who We Are

The Institute of Consumer Financial Education (ICFE) was founded in 1982 by the late Loren Dunton (creator of the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation). The ICFE is dedicated to helping consumers of all ages to improve their spending, increase savings and use credit more wisely. Paul S. Richard is the president and executive director.
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The ICFE is an award winning, nonprofit, consumer education organization that has helped millions of people through its education programs and resources. It publishes the Do-It-Yourself Credit File correction Guide, which is updated annually. The ICFE has distributed over one million Credit/Debit Card Warning Labels and Credit/Debit Card Sleeves world wide.

The ICFE makes available seven professional certification training programs in several areas including credit reports and identity theft risk management as examples. The certifications are accepted by numerours other agencies for continuing education credits. The ICFE has certified over 5,000 individuals and maintains an international directory of certificants on this web site.

The ICFE became an official partner with the Department of Defense/Financial Readiness Campaign in June of 2004.

The ICFE was an active partner in the California Student Debt Resource Awareness Project (CASDRAP) which resulted in a new web site CASDRAP disbanded in 2010, shortly after the web site project was completed. In 2011 the ICFE assumed the single sponsorship of the web site and is now responsible for its content and operation.

The ICFE is also an on-line help for consumers who spend too much. ICFE's spending help was featured in PARADE Magazine in the Intelligence Report section. The money helps and tips are from the ICFE's Money Instruction Book, our course in personal finance.

Visit the ICFE's other web sites at and Both sites helps consumers and students with mending spending, learning about the proper use of credit, budget and expense guidelines, how to set up and implement a spending-plan and also how to access financial education courses and how to teach children about money. Other ICFE services include: Ask Mr. G, a free eNewsletter, and an online resource center for students, parents and educators, plus financial education learning tools and a book store.

What We Do

The ICFE is dedicated to

What We Stand For

Promoting an Economically Strong America With Financially Healthy Citizens