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MIBIC certificate The Money Instruction Book Instructor's Curriculum, examinations, continuing education units, PowerPoint presentations, Instructor's Certificate, a news release about your Certification and two consumer editions of the course are all part of this ICFE educational program.

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The Money Instruction Book

The Money Instruction Book is a personal finance curriculum, written especially for consumers, both young and old, covering the fundamentals of the accumulation of money and other assets in fourteen chapters (listed below). There is a quiz at the end of each chapter. It is delivered to participants in a handsome three ring binder with a smart looking cover.

Book Contents

Chapter One
Attitude: Cornerstone for your future.
Chapter Two
Your Financial Pictures (Net Worth - Cash Flow)
Chapter Three
Wealth Building Spending-Plan
Chapter Four
Debt Pay Plan - Money Trouble Signs
Chapter Five
Ready... Set... SPEND Yourself Rich
Chapter Six
Accumulating Money & other Assets
Chapter Seven
Credit Unions & Banking Intelligently
Chapter Eight
Credit Use Without Abuse
Chapter Nine
How To Teach Children About Money
Chapter Ten
Insuring Adequately
Chapter Eleven
Achieving Financial Peace of Mind
Chapter Twelve
The Financial Planning Process
The Money Instruction Book was created and developed by Paul Richard who is also the ICFE's executive director. It's the second generation personal finance curriculum for the ICFE, their first personal finance curriculum was known as "The DOLLARPLAN: Spending and Savings Techniques for the 1990s". Over 500 individuals nationwide have attended two day instructor training seminars put on by the ICFE in the 1990s. Over 250,000 consumers are estimated to have attended classes utilizing ICFE personal finance curriculum.

The Money Instruction Book Classroom/Seminar Presentation

There is a great deal of flexibility in presenting The Money Instruction Book course, depending on the setting. For adult education, community colleges, university extension courses, bankruptcy education and Learning Annex settings, classes run from seven to thirteen weeks. More often, however, ICFE Certified Instructors pick and choose the chapters they want to present and set up a seminar series lasting from one to five or six weeks. Each class is about two hours.
PowerPoint presentations on each of the 12 chapters (and also each quiz) enhances both the classroom presentation the Money Instruction Book and the participants learning experience. The PowerPoints are very user friendly and can be prepared by the ICFE to fit shorter courses.
At the beginning of each chapter in the ICFE Certified Instructor's version are teaching techniques and tips in addition to the major learning points of each lesson/chapter. This also gives the Instructor a guideline for each chapter presentation.

Class Materials

Individual Money Instruction Books may be purchased by each class member and the cost each is $49.95 (postage additional).

The ICFE's Instructor Certification Program

The certification course utilizes the at-home study approach. Candidates for ICFE Instructor Certification take the Money Instruction Book course at their leisure and must complete each quiz, at the end of each of the 12 chapters, they must be returned to the ICFE. There is a Final Examination too. It's an overall test of course materials and instructor techniques and educational goals. The final must also be returned to the ICFE for a score and subsequent Certification.
First, you enroll, and after the ICFE Certified Instructor package arrives in about a week, complete the Money Instruction Book course at your leisure. Be sure to complete the quiz at the end of each chapter (using the answer sheet included). There is also a final written exam at the conclusion. The answer sheet for the final and the chapter quizzes must be returned to the ICFE for scoring. Successful applicants will then receive a ICFE Certified Instructor for the Money Instruction Book Certificate by return mail, along with other pertinent information about the ICFE. Then, you are ready to begin establishing some classes or seminars at a location of your choosing. They can be for an employer sponsored group, or a class for all of your existing clients and their families, including their children. Other class locations include, but are not limited to, your local school adult education programs, local community colleges, local university extension classes, local churches, and community groups, among numerous others.

Here's what it costs to get started

ICFE Certified Instructor for the Money Instruction Book Course $375.00 (includes Instructor's curriculum, PowerPoint CD, teaching techniques, lesson objectives, classroom activities, quizzes, the final exam and Certificate).
Total cost of an ICFE Certified Money Book Instructor Program Course: $375.00
NOTE: Other start up expenses may include, but not necessarily required or limited to: Printing business cards and promotional flyers with your picture, setting up a Web site (we can help you with that too!)

Here's is some of what you will receive!

MIBIC instructors certifiace
Instructor's Certificate
Money Instruction Book
MIBIC instructors guide
Instructor's Guide
Money Instruction Book
PowerPoint CD

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