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CSES The ICFE's Certified Young Adult Financial Specialist CYAFS® comprehensive training and certification program is specifically developed for financial education coaches, financial planning and insurance professionals, who are dedicated to educating and assisting younger consumers and those young adults who have started their own businesses.

The ICFE's new CYAFS program is about teaching professionals to educate young adults. Young adults are more in need of financial education than ever before. There are more financial products and decisions to be made for their lives today and to plan for their future. The new Certified Young Adult Financial Specialist program educates trains and equips financial counselors to communicate their expertise in a way that young adults are able and willing to accept it.

Young Adult Financial Specialist certification course participants learn about their audience and the social and economic forces that are influencing their behavior. They will learn to guide young adults to become educated financial consumers who can think through their options intelligently. From building credit to buying a house to saving for the future, this course covers the gamut that young adults need to understand to live productive financial lives.

Knowledge Objectives:

Course Skills Objectives:

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Table of Contents

  1. Your Audience p5
    Who they are, statistically speaking p5
    How they gather and interpret information p7
    Trends in their lives p7
    What they are thinking about at each stage p7
  2. Approaching the seminar/conversation p9
    Your audience - Find out who THEY are! p9
    Tips and tricks for getting them engaged p10
  3. Your Vision, Your Life p11
    Identifying personal priorities p11
    Creating a vision p12
    Why prepare? p14
    Myths, legends, and excuses p14
  4. Managing Money – Cash, Debt and Saving p23
    Teaching about Cash Flow (with worksheets) p23
    How banks work p23
    What comes in and what goes out p26
    Debt and Obligations p32
    Some general information about Student Loans p42
  5. Credit and You p47
    What is credit? p48
    The details of credit reports p48
    Establishing and maintaining good credit p54
  6. The Benefit of Benefits and Insurance p61
    Health and wellness benefits p62
    Insurance: How it works and where you get it p66
    Life insurance p70
  7. Setting up home and getting there p79
    Housing choices – parents’ home, rent or buy p79
    The process of buying a home p83
    More on mortgages p85
    What to drive: Loan, lease, or buy outright? p92
  8. Introduction to Investing p95
    Figuring out your net worth p96
    Introduction to investing p97
    Account types and how to use them p100
    Risk p102
    Investment options p104
    Strategies for Asset Allocation p109
  9. Legal Lessons for Life p115
    Legal documents – why they are important p115
    Marriage – what it means legally p115
    Healthcare Power of Attorney and/or a Living Will p117
    Powers of Attorney p120
    Where there’s a will, there’s a way p124

Using this course

This course is broken up into several sections, as outlined in the table of contents.
Within the course, we have provided additional information to enhance the contents of the book titled Get It Together: The Real-World Money Guide for Graduates. The materials can be presented in any way you see fit as the presenter. You can create your own materials. Additional exercises are in the book as well, and might help with activities or worksheets. We are providing a chart with information on which sections correlate to the book itself. If your students would get a better experience by having the book as a resource, it is available at special pricing to ICFE clients. You can also jump-start your presentations by purchasing an additional package that includes customer-ready PowerPoint lectures with notes, handouts for each section, and the book written by the authors of this course, Get It Together: The Real-World Money Guide for Graduates, Shannon Prosser and Hallie Hawkins. (Log Cabin Books)

Program Investment

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