CSES Course:
SmartEquity™ Cash Flow and
Debt Management System


Table of Contents

CSES™ Online Course Contents Page
Chapter 1 Introduction
  Importance of your mortgage freedom date
  Power of a budget
  Importance of self focus and planning
  Debt awareness...
Chapter 2 The anatomy of the loan.
  Fixed rate
  Interest only
  Adjustable Rate Mortgage
  Balloon Mortgage
  Biweekly payments
Chapter 3 What we’re taught
  How to bank
  Home is an ATM
Chapter 4 Interest cancellation
  The debt swapping effect.
  Maximizing Savings
Chapter 5 Determining current cash flow
  Line of credit details
  Account details
  Mortgage details
  Debt details
  Income details
  Expense details
  Saving report
  Payment Schedule
  Document the Starting point
Chapter 6 Building an emergency fund
  Emergency Fund Part 1
  Debt Freedom – Eliminating consumer debt
  Emergency Fund Part 2
  Document the results
Chapter 7 Mortgage Freedom Date
  Power down the mortgage (Example of situation once debt free)
  Invest with the interest you saved
  Mortgage Tune-up Options
Chapter 8 Cash flow Management with SmartEquity™+
  Setting up your accounts
  Customer statements
  Vendor statements
  Dashboard setup
  Transaction Types
  Recording transactions
  Reading reports
  Reconciling bank statements
Chapter 9 Action Step Summary
  1. The Plan
  2. Emergency Fund
  3. Debts pay down worksheet
  4. Record keeping
  5. Complete emergency fund
  6. Mortgage pay off (Use the Monthly Entries to track)
  7. Record keeping and comparing results.
Chapter 10 Client Support
  1. First Task
  2. Help Stay on Track